How To Make Nutritious Food Easy For Seniors To Eat

During November, which is National Good Nutrition month, it’s time to shine a spotlight on good nutrition for seniors.
Elder Care Burnsville, MN: Seniors and Malnutrition

Malnutrition is a huge problem for seniors. During November, which is National Good Nutrition month, it’s time to shine a spotlight on good nutrition for seniors. Seniors who have lost teeth or have trouble chewing or wear dentures may have a very difficult time eating nutritious foods because they have trouble chewing them. Getting enough protein is a real problem for seniors who can’t chew since most protein comes from meat. With the help of an elder care provider who can help seniors cook and prep for meals these foods can help seniors who have trouble chewing get the nutrition they need:


Elder Care Burnsville, MN: Seniors and Malnutrition

Eggs are a fantastic source of protein. They’re also easily accessible and very affordable. Every convenience store or corner store will have eggs so seniors who can’t get to the grocery store easily will be able to get eggs to eat. There are dozens of ways to cook eggs from a simple scramble to a fancy frittata with steamed vegetables. But no matter how they are cooked eggs are going to be easy for seniors with no teeth, missing teeth, or chewing problems to eat. And with an average of 6 grams of protein per egg they are a healthy and easy to eat alternative to tough cuts of meat.

Flaked Fish

Fish is something that all seniors should be eating. Fish is packed with Omega 3 fatty acids that promote brain health and keep the skin in good condition. But traditional fish can be tough for seniors to eat because it contains a lot of small bones. Flaked fish that falls easily off the bone is much easier for seniors with challenges to eat. Flaked fish can also be included in other dishes like soft casseroles or pasta bakes.


Boiled or mashed potatoes or sweet potatoes contain potassium and many other essential vitamins and minerals. You can also add almost anything to boiled or mashed potatoes and they will taste great. Make sure that your senior loved one’s cupboards have plenty of mashed potatoes or frozen potatoes that are can be heated up quickly. Sweet potatoes may need to be paraboiled then frozen so that they can be cooked quickly but sweet potatoes are worth the extra effort because they are very nutritious.

Cottage Cheese

Cottage cheese isn’t something that a lot of people think of when they think of a meal that is easy to eat. However, cottage cheese is soft to eat and doesn’t require a lot of chewing but it’s also very versatile. It has a whopping 28 grams of protein per cup and it’s low in calories and in carbs so it will have a minimal effect on blood sugar. Cottage cheese can be made savory by adding cheese or vegetables to it. Or it can be made sweet by adding fruit, jam, or sugar free gelatin powder to it. Cottage cheese is also easy to find and store.

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