Does Your Senior Parent Need Post-Hospital Care?

When your senior loved one returns home from the hospital, having post-hospital care is essential to a speedy and safe recovery.
Post-Hospital Care Apple Valley MN
Post-Hospital Care Apple Valley MN

Often when seniors are released from the hospital after having a stroke, a heart attack, or a serious fall, they are released quickly without a lot of notice. That can leave family members scrambling to know what type of care their senior parent needs and how best to make sure they get that care. Rehab facilities are one option, but they are usually fully booked and have a waiting list. They also don’t have the benefits that recovering at home has for seniors. Seniors who go home after being in the hospital are going to need post-hospital care. They can’t just pick up their lives the way they were living before their medical event.

Post-Hospital Care

Post-hospital care is home care that is designed around the needs of seniors when they are just released from the hospital. Family members may be unable to provide adequate care for a senior parent after a hospital stay because they need to work or they need to attend to family responsibilities. If you can’t be with your senior parent at night they may need post-hospital care during the day and at night to help with things like:

Medication Management

Seniors who have just been released form the hospital typically need medication given around the clock, not just during the day. If your senior loved one has pain medication they may also need to be monitored to make sure that they don’t take too much pain medication or have a bad reaction to the medication. That means they need care around the clock and not just during the day.

Getting to the Bathroom

When seniors are released from the hospital they often need assistance getting up to use the bathroom and getting back in bed or into a chair where they can be comfortable. If they are on strong pain medication even seniors who normally walk very well could use an arm to lean on or a little extra support to make sure they don’t fall. Seniors who were in the hospital for a fall need to make sure they don’t fall again. Post-hospital care at night can help prevent seniors from fall risks.

Meals and Snacks

Typically seniors are not really ready to resume daily activities like cooking and getting drinks when they first come home from the hospital. However, their nutrition and staying hydrated are actually very important during the first few days after their release. Having home care to make meals and keep them motivated to eat and drink water to stay hydrated is important for seniors.

Movement and Activity

If your senior loved one was in the hospital for a surgery or a medical illness they also will probably need help getting up and walking around. But, getting up and walking around is very important to maintain good circulation and help stop muscle wasting. Post-hospital care can include helping them get out of bed and walk around to help with their recovery,

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