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Your senior should focus on their blood pressure, but it may be something they have been avoiding or don’t know the importance of. The higher their blood pressure is, the higher their risk of a heart attack; some seniors may even suffer from strokes if their blood pressure is too high. If your family has a history of hypertension, they should be extra close to blood pressure because it may run in their families. Certain things may raise your loved one’s blood pressure.

Bad Diet and Too Much Sodium

When your loved one isn’t focused on diet, it can be dire for their overall health. A highly processed diet can cause your loved one to have too much sodium in their diet, which can impact hypertension and cause them to have super high blood pressure. If your senior needs help cooking fresh foods, it’s time to look into hiring home care to help them. Instead of eating tons of packaged foods, these caregivers can help prepare meals for them to reheat throughout the week, and this is a good way to limit salt intake. Instead of salting food, a senior can add different spices to the food to flavor it. If you’re unsure how much salt your senior should be eating, this is something to ask their doctor or even a nutritionist, and then you should learn how to count and track sodium intake for the best results.

Obesity Causes Higher Blood Pressure

No one likes to body shame, but a senior should be focused on how much they weigh because obesity can cause a rise in blood pressure. There are numerous reasons why your loved one should be a healthy weight for their height and age. The heavier they are, the less likely they are to move around and stay mobile, which will not only impact their heart health but also play a role in how long they can age in place without extra help. If your loved one needs help losing weight, they need to evaluate their lifestyle. If they need help sticking to a healthy routine, this is something that the right home care provider can help with.

It Can Be a Side Effect Of Medication

If your senior takes any medication or pain medication to help after surgery, high blood pressure can be a serious side effect. If your loved one takes anything like ibuprofen daily, it can impact their heart health and should be managed. Seniors should be going to their doctors regularly to manage blood pressure and track it, or they may have a machine at home that will help them track their blood pressure at home. Home care can help a senior by writing down their blood pressure to keep a doctor up to date with what is happening.

Too Much Alcohol Is Consumed

One glass of wine may not harm anyone, but multiple glasses of wine, multiple days a week, can cause extreme strain on the heart and high blood pressure. Encourage your senior to switch to other drinks and consume less alcohol.

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