Four Excuses Too Many Family Caregivers Make for Not Setting Limits on Their Time

Many of us make a lot of excuses to avoid things we don’t want to do. It might be a conversation we don’t want to have with somebody we care about.
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Caregiver Burnsville, MN: Making Excuses

Making excuses is easy. Many of us make a lot of excuses to avoid things we don’t want to do. It might be a conversation we don’t want to have with somebody we care about. It might be household chores that just become too tedious over time. Whatever it is, excuses become easy the more we make them. The more we use them. The same holds true for a family caregiver who has not set limits on their time and who is feeling the effects of stress, thus increased excuses for many aspects of their life.

If you are taking care of an aging parent or some other family member, but you haven’t set limits on your time, meaning the time you will devote to this aging senior, what excuses have you made for doing that?

Let’s talk about four common excuses many family caregivers make when it comes to setting limits and not pushing themselves too far too fast.

Common Excuse #1: This senior needs me.

Isn’t that true? This elderly person, this mother or father, grandparent, spouse, sibling, or close friend needs help. And you are the one to step up and provide that help. If you don’t do it, who will?

There is no doubt that the elderly senior needs you and that support, but are you the only one who can provide it?

No, you aren’t, not when you understand the value of home care support services.

Common Excuse #2: I can handle it.

Most of us overestimate our abilities and especially our ability to handle stress and pressure. We assume that just because we need to do something means we can do it. That’s not always the case.

You may very well be able to handle most of the tasks associated with being a caregiver, but can you handle that in light of all of the other responsibilities you have every day? Most people can’t. That’s why they become stressed and overwhelmed too quickly.

Common Excuse #3: I don’t need time to myself.

Yes, you do. All of us need downtime. That’s why we have weekends off and vacations. If we didn’t, like many workers who weren’t fortunate enough 150 years ago in this country, you can burnout, make mistakes, and be injured.

When it comes to being a family caregiver, or supporting a friend, mistakes can be devastating. They might not cost you directly, but somebody else you love. Be sure that you find it just as important to make time for yourself.

Common Excuse #4: no one else is going to step up.

Maybe no other family member has offered to help. That can certainly be frustrating, especially if there are other family members living close enough to make a difference. But that doesn’t mean there is no one else who can step in and provide support.

A home care agency is a great asset that can help you and this senior moving forward. Avoid making these excuses and understand home care is just a call away.

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