Discover the Benefits of Home Care Assistance After a Fall

Your mom fell and broke her wrist getting out of the shower. While she's okay, you're worried about her being alone now.
Home Care Assistance Burnsville, MN: Benefits of Home Care

Your mom fell and broke her wrist getting out of the shower. While she’s okay, you’re worried about her being alone now. Have you talked to her doctor about the benefits of home care assistance during and after her recovery?

What Happens Back at Home?

Home Care Assistance Burnsville, MN: Benefits of Home Care

After a fall, your mom’s going to have a list of things she needs to do for her broken arm. Appointments with physical therapists and orthopedists are typical. She may leave the hospital in a temporary splint that’s replaced at her first appointment with an orthopedist.

She may be given a sheet of exercises to do at home. Someone needs to encourage her to do the exercises. She may need someone to help her figure out how to do them.

For the first few days, she may have prescription pain relievers. A home care aide can help her remember when to take the next dose. Even if she’s only using over-the-counter pain relievers, she can have caregivers help her track when she’s last taken them.

Until her arm heals, she’ll be unable to lift items with that arm. She needs to avoid heavy lifting and overuse of that arm. She’ll need people to help her with housework, laundry, and other chores. She may need people to help her carry groceries, cook meals, and style her hair.

Buttoning pants or shirts is also tricky with a broken arm. Your mom will need assistance to tie laces and floss her teeth.

What Can Home Care Do?

Home care assistance is one way to ensure your mom has the help she needs. Caregivers can take care of light housekeeping like dusting, dishes, floor care, and wiping surfaces. They can do the laundry for her. If anything needs ironing, that’s an option.

Your mom may have appointments to go to and needs a ride. Transportation services are available. You won’t have to take time off work to drive your mom around. She has her aide available for rides to stores, offices, and clinics.

Home Care Allows Her to Focus on Her Recovery

Home care assistance provides the support your mom needs during her recovery and after. Once she’s had a caregiver helping out, she’ll find she appreciates having a helping hand for the difficult tasks to do on her own.

Ask her doctor what care she needs for the next few weeks. Build a care plan from that information. Once you have an idea of the care she’ll need, call a home care assistance expert to discuss prices and arrangements.

If you or an aging loved-one is considering Home Care Assistance in Burnsville, MN please contact the caring staff at Great Oak Senior Care, Inc. today. (952) 767-4925

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