Three Reasons Mom Would Do Well with a Home Care Aide Now

You have been acting as your mother’s primary caregiver, but it is taking a toll on your physical and emotional well-being.
Home Care Bloomington, MN: Home Care Aides

It’s been quite a roller coaster ride last year. You have been acting as your mother’s primary caregiver, but it is taking a toll on your physical and emotional well-being. Even your health is in decline, and you recognize it.

But that’s not why you want to look into home care right now. You understand that because of your time constraints and other limitations, your mother would benefit from a home care provider, even part-time.

If you are looking for good reasons to help your mother understand why home care would be such an important asset for her right now, consider these three below.

Reason #1: She would get consistent care.

Home Care Bloomington, MN: Home Care Aides

At the moment, maybe you are only able to stop by a few days a week in the morning and then another few days in the evening, before and after work. You might be raising children of your own or have other responsibilities, including your career.

That doesn’t lead to consistent care in most cases. While family caregivers are valuable resources, most often they don’t have the opportunity or ability to provide consistent care.

Your mother may benefit from somebody stopping by at the same time on the same days each week, rather than one day and then a few days later, when she can.

By depending on home care through an agency, she would get consistent care, which can be instrumental in keeping her safe and providing an emotional boost and benefit she might not be getting from inconsistent, temporary, or whenever you’re available take care.

Reason #2: She can pursue certain activities, still.

You might be most focused on her safety and discourage her from various physical activities you consider unsafe. However, experienced home care aide, somebody who has worked with many other seniors through the years, may see opportunities where you see risk.

That doesn’t mean home care aide is going to put your mother or anyone else at risk, but there are a lot of activities she can probably still enjoy and would like to, if she just had the physical assistance to do them.

Some of those activities might be going on during the day, while you are at work or otherwise indisposed. When that home care provider is there when your mother wants to do these activities, it can be a great emotional and physical boost to be able to do them once more.

Reason #3: Many seniors develop ongoing relationships with their home care providers.

If your mother is living alone, she may feel isolated. That can increase the risk of depression or depressive symptoms. You should never diagnose somebody else with depression, but if you notice certain depressive symptoms building, encourage your mother to visit her doctor to find out why.

It could certainly be various prescription medications or health issues, but it can also be feeling isolated and cut off from the world. Having a home care provider stopping by each day, every other day, or at consistent times through the week can help her feel more connected and able to talk to somebody, another adult, more often.

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