4 Ways To Help Your Senior Parent After A Hospital Stay

When a senior parent returns home after a hospital stay, it's important to make sure they're safe and comfortable. Check out these tips!
Post-Hospital Care: Eagan, MN
Post-Hospital Care: Eagan, MN

When a senior parent returns home after a fall or a medical condition, making sure they’re comfortable and safe after a hospital stay is important. But family caregivers may need to get post-hospital care for their senior parent to help them safely recover at home. It could take some time before your senior parent is well enough to live without help again, and they may need more than post-hospital care as time goes on. Before your senior loved one comes home after being in the hospital you should do these things to get ready to take care of them at home.

Set Up A First Floor Bedroom

If your senior parent has a home that is more than one story you should set up a primary floor bedroom for them until they are fully back on their feet. Seniors may be unsteady on their feet for awhile after being in the hospital and climbing the stairs multiple times a day could be too much for them. They will get settled more easily if they have a bedroom on the first floor so they can easily go from the living room to the bedroom and to the bathroom.

Arrange For An Appropriate Bed And Equipment

Even if your senior parent doesn’t need medical care when they come home from the hospital they may need a hospital style bed or a bed that is different than their usual bed until they are completely better. And if they are staying on the first floor instead of in a second floor bedroom they may need a walker or a cane, a commode, or other medical equipment arranged for them. They also may need to have clothes and shoes brought downstairs for them or their books and music. Make sure that everything your senior parent could need is placed within easy reach for them.

Stock The House With Food And Supplies

Your senior loved one is probably not going to be up to making a shopping trip anytime soon. Fill the house with staples like bread, rice, pasta, vegetables and some frozen meats. Include some single serve high protein snacks like yogurt, cottage cheese with fruit, and protein shakes. And if your senior parent is going to need things like briefs, baby wipes, and other hygiene supplies make sure that those are stocked too.

Make Sure They Won’t Be Alone

One of the biggest benefits of post-hospital care for seniors is that it can be arranged around your schedule so that your senior parent is never alone when they come home from the hospital. If you can’t be there overnight a care provider can be. And if you need to be at work during the day a care provider can be there then too. Whatever your schedule is post-hospital care at home can fill in the gaps to make sure that your senior loved one is never alone while they recover from a hospital stay at home.

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