Home Care Tips on Recognizing Senior Fatigue

Senior fatigue can contribute or be a result of a lot of medical conditions. Here are a few home care tips to help recognize it.
Senior Fatigue: Home Care Bloomington MN
Senior Fatigue: Home Care Bloomington MN

You may think that because your senior is elderly, that fatigue is normal, but the truth is chronic fatigue is never normal no matter what age you are. But what causes the feeling of fatigue? Here are a few things that can cause fatigue in your elderly loved one and some things to look for.

How Do You Know It’s Fatigue?

There are some sure signs that your elderly loved one is feeling fatigued, but unless you’re a professional like a doctor, you may not know. Here are some things that could mean your loved one is experiencing chronic fatigue.

  • They complain about being tired all the time
  • They Sleep an excessive amount
  • Muscle weakness
  • Anxiety or agitation
  • Weight loss
  • Mood swings
  • Memory problems

Keep in mind these things may be signs of other problems too. So, if your loved one has complained to you or their home care providers multiple times about these issues, it’s time to go to their primary care doctor to find out the problem. In addition, a senior who has home care may have access to non-emergency transportation, making going to their doctor much easier. Here are a few things that could make a senior feel fatigued.

Medication Side Effects

If your senior loved one is on new medication and this tiredness is a new problem, you may encourage them to talk to their doctor about this issue. Sometimes a side effect of medications can be extreme fatigue, and there may be a different medication they can take. If they can’t, there may be ways to combat fatigue from medications.

Hormonal Changes Can Lead to Fatigue

Believe it or not, hormonal changes are always happening, even in the elderly. If your loved one is experiencing hormonal changes, they may start experiencing more fatigue than usual, which can turn into chronic fatigue. These changes in the body may also lead to irregular sleeping patterns.

Chronic Pain Can Lead to Fatigue

If your senior has pain and inflammation all the time, it can put them in a state of tiredness all of the time. If your body is trying to manage the inflammation, it can wear you out, and this is especially true for seniors. When your senior struggles to manage inflammation, it’s time to talk to a professional like a doctor or even a physical therapist.

Dehydration is Linked to Fatigue

When your body needs water, it can lead to sudden dehydration. Unfortunately, many seniors forget to drink water, and this is something that home care can keep an eye on. However, if they live independently and don’t have extra help, dehydration can be a common problem in the elderly, which can mean extreme fatigue.

Lifestyle Habits

Lifestyle can play a huge role in how tired someone feels. If they aren’t exercising enough or focusing on diet, it can lead to extra sleepiness. Seniors who eat a lot of sugar, pre-packaged foods, or even too much caffeine can greatly impact fatigue. This impacts their overall well-being too. Even seniors must make good life decisions and habits to remain healthy in their golden years.

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