What Signs Can Tell You Your Senior Is Malnourished?

Malnourishment is a huge concern for aging family members, so it’s important to be aware of the signs that your senior isn’t getting the nutrition she needs.
Home Care Assistance in Bloomington, MN: Signs of Malnourishment

You might be surprised to realize at some point that your senior is undernourished. Malnourishment is so much more common for aging adults than family caregivers often realize, simply because eating habits can be so much different for your senior now.

She’s Tired Often

Home Care Assistance in Bloomington, MN: Signs of Malnourishment

Fatigue is a sign that something isn’t quite right. You might start with your senior’s sleep habits and make sure that she’s getting enough sleep or quality sleep. If everything else is checking out and your elderly family member is still letting you know that she’s fatigued, the problem might be that she isn’t getting enough nutrients. Losing vital nutrients like iron, protein, and healthy fats leaves your senior’s body struggling.

She’s Having More Frequent Memory Issues

Your senior’s brain needs nutrition in order to function. She might get away with eating badly for a while, but eventually that lack catches up with her. If she’s finding that it’s tougher for her to concentrate or that her memory is failing her, the problem may be that her brain isn’t getting enough nutrients. At first, she might worry that she’s developing dementia, but memory issues due to malnourishment are reversible if she’s willing to change her diet.

Your Senior Seems Sick or Unwell More Often

Your senior’s body needs nutrients in order to keep her immune system functioning well and to give her body the building blocks it needs to repair injuries and illness. If she’s not eating well or the foods she’s eating are not rich in nutrients, she’s likely to appear unwell more often. She may also find that it’s more difficult to heal bruises or small cuts.

Something Just Seems Different

Sometimes you notice changes in your senior that you might not be able to put your finger on completely. Some of her behaviors might be different or she might be more irritable. It can be more challenging for her to manage her stress levels. These situations and more might be related to a lack of nutrition. If you are noticing some odd differences in your senior’s appearance or behaviors, dig a little deeper to find the potential causes.

Often the biggest barrier to proper nourishment for seniors is that cooking or even thinking about food is just too much to handle alone. If that’s the case for your senior, the help of a caregiver can make all the difference in the world for her ability to boost her nutritional levels.

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